New Orleans - Destination: New Orleans

French Quarter or Caribbean Cruise... both conferences bring you to...

New Orleans!

Whether you have only a weekend to spare or an entire week to enjoy, your opportunity is to wrap the conference experience you prefer with extended time in New Orleans or from a spectacular cruise round trip out and back to Progreso and Cozumel including two days of blue water sailing! You will feel the exuberant welcome to New Orleans from the city who back in business and wants you as a visitor with fond memories, or here for your first time. 

The Streetcars are on the Avenue

Imagine yourself as a child in New Orleans and you will know that every kid wants a Streetcar Party! A traditional favorite ride for tourists and locals of all ages...the St. Charles Avenue Streetcar is a scenic hour to the end of the line, and you can hop off along the way.

Looking for the historic cemetaries? Catch a ride on Canal Street and head to the variety of historic stops or museums along the way. The famous World War II Museum is amazingly unique in the range of artifacts and historical education, having recently been expanded to double the size. Looking for something a little bit smaller scale, check out the Insectarium, another fascinating look at the smallest widelife in a museum setting.

Minutes away to everything

The tourism areas of New Orleans and the French Quarter are in great shape and needing your visit and gracious souvenir spending. You can easily walk most places, unless you have a special destination in mind that the locals point our or you just have to explore.

Hail a cab to ease over to the Marigny side of the quarter on Frenchman St. and the jazz and latin beat. Maybe you head uptown to dinner at Commanders Palace, or to Emeril's in the warehouse district. If you crave a funky local club outside the quarter, it's no problem and little time to get there other than deciding which show to head to!

Midnight at the hotel and still up for more? Indeed New Orleans doesn't close. Nearby and jumping includes House of Blues or Preservation Jazz Hall. Yes, you can even get from the hotel to Pat O'Brien's on foot! It's a quick couple of blocks down Bourbon if you keep your eyes front and don't get distracted!



More than a Conference, a family Getaway!

Don't forget the location and give yourself some extra days if possible... there's a nearly endless offering of food, music, clubs and restaurants, plus tourist entertainment and shopping options that start literally when you step out the hotel. Without even crossing the street, and yet to stretch around the block and for blocks beyond there's so much to see and do!

Explore the French Quarter, French Market, the riverfront and the rich history of New Orleans and the area surrounding, and it all starts within a minute of walking from your comfortable luxury class hotel room! Bring a companion and they won't be bored, but you may be jealous of their stories if you don't leave time to explore together.



New Orleans is a Small Business Town

Walking through the French Quarter, you get a true sense of the entrepreneurs, people who are the soul of this city, like the shopkeepers and their staff. Musicians and waiters are walking to work. Practically everything in this city is based upon small business ownership and locals celebrating the return of New Orleans as a premier destination city for tourism and conferences. Don't be surprised, virtually anyone you meet in any shop, restaurant or sidewalk setting is happy you are here, more than happy. Everyone here knows what it means to their life that you choose to invest in this city's comeback.

Come rediscover New Orleans, get a sense of the enthusiasm and gratitude from the locals who have come back from incredible odds of misfortune, the new "locals' who recently adopted our city, and people from every corner of the world celebrating life in this international city. There is no better setting than New Orleans to put your mind on track for what the stakes are in the heart and energy of one business or one city, and what has been accomplished here with determination, commitment and shared celebration in rebirth.

The Culture of History

New Orleans was twice under the rule of France and unto Spain in between before joining the United States, only to then be attacked by the British! The site stands upon three hundred years of industry, riverboat commerce and cultural history. The birth of the largest share of the United States owes the river access and resource distribution from the Mississippi to this city, and this unique location.

The history winds up and down every street, and it's still standing. New Orleans provides a glimpse of the past and the future as so many communities struggle with preserving style and scale of small-town experiences in an expanse of urban sprawl. New Orleans remains a snapshot of it's past while it invests in a new future.

The Crescent City

Stepping foot into Jackson Square, you are in a city preserved against all odds and exposure. Originally laid out in 1721, you are gazing at the St. Louis Cathedral that dates back to 1794, flanked by the Cabildo Museum (circa 1799) and the Pontalba Apartments (circa 1845). By that time the population rank for New Orleans was forth largest in the United States.

Come feel the rhythm, listen to the jazz bands, browse the shops, bathe in the culture, jump and jive in the club of your choice. New Orleans is a town for visitors and always has been.