Optimize: Get Better Reality

The phrase to "Get Better Reality" is a marketing concept coined by Guy Kawasaki, a Director of Management with Apple Corporation. His basic point is that marketing reality is easier than marketing "vision", or attitude. Being better, selling that reality is simpler, easier to communicate, more apparent to a customer. Brilliantly simple concept, obvious even. We are therefore guided for 2010 by the topic theme to align the session and content concepts on "Optimize: Get Better Reality" for two reasons:

1. The value of this concept applies to any business, toolset or operation regardless of your economic situation.

2. Frequently, to optimize many things can involve little or no investment, it may just be a matter of choosing a more thoughtful path or course of action.

It's impossible to bring together a conference at this time without reflecting upon the reality of the post-2008 stock market crash and worldwide economic slump. That's why we start here. Look at your reality, look at what you can change to get better reality.  

Session Topics for IT Pro Conference 2010

 Take a look at the sessions tentatively outlined for our conference in May 2010 listed below. While we show the topics as Technical, Business Strategy and Workshops, in practice these sessions tend to be blended content through-out, well suited for the SMB Consolultant who is a technical manager or even just looking to find out where the technology is moving in order to orient their business directions.




The IT Pro Conference Experience

In 7-days of activities, has offered an opportunity unlike any conference in SMB space. This year will be no exception. Our conference receives the highest marks for quality, value and entertainment rolled up in one combined event for our New Orleans venue and the option to cruise for the week. What other IT conference can boast 25% of the attendees bringing spouses plus couple celebrating honeymoons, anniversaries and one live surprise engagement celebrated among all of us! Say it ain't so, but 60% of those surveyed say they will bring a spouse to IT Pro Conference 2008 because this event covered all the bases as a spectacular success... and a 95% survey response indicates most attendees likely to be back next year.

This isn't a trivial conference, it's a pretty intense learning opportunity, a pretty intense networking experience, and the entertainment is pretty much off the scale...just ask around. You won't forget your experience here on any level.

I'm most proud of my city, and for the role it played each of the past years as a backdrop for serious professional discussion and the most abundant distractions, entertainment and comforts for all interests. Clearly the singular hotel and conference location we provide with only an elevator as transportation was appreciated. Yet a walk within blocks for anything you want reminds us why New Orleans is and has been the place to explore business and fun for the most remarkable conference opportunities available.

Conference Topics for 2010

Looking back on our last conference held in May 2008, you might be struck by the prediction Jeff Middleton made that year:

In 2008, if you are a consultant or solution provider in this industry, you must be braced to see change unlike anything in the last 10 years. In the Windows platform perspective, this next year is a transition like from Win9x to NT or 200x. There are compatibility and extensibility issue for every application and device. There's nothing trivial on the way forward.

Our goal for this conference is to help you find the right road-map, the right product orientation, and the key elements of success in managing the next transition you will undertake.

And yet, by the close of year 2008 absolutely nobody had any idea where the world economy was going to take us, or what different the products and technologies we discussed just months before could make for the forward direction we all need to stay in business.

The topic for 2010 to Optimize: Get Better Reality really emphasizes that the way to gain ground, hold ground or retain your opportunities in good times or bad means you have to optimize what you are working with, and get the best options and opportunities moving forward for your continued success. Many small businesses have struggled over the last year because they didn't prepare a strong foundation for their work much less their goals. Whether this is true of your business or true of your customers, the ripple effect can't be denied. Your only options are to optimize the situation and keep looking for better reality to capitalize upon. Where better to start than from your peers sharing their success stories, and yes even their regrets and distress stories. We can learn from each other, and that's what this conference offers you. The learning experience like no other.

Presentation Team

In 2008 we assembled over 25 MVPs and community leaders participating in our presentation team. Over 60 respected MVPs and leaders reviewed the content! Once again for 2010 we will bring our focus upon providing you with "the voice of experience", it's unique in how we choose our panelist and session topics. 

Each year we seek input and participation from leaders in our industry such as members of the Microsoft Product Team for SMB directed solutions. We reach out to a variety of advisors and product developers to make sure this isn't just a one track mindshare, or a one product focus. This event is a combination of research and response interaction with technical product teams you normally don't see at most event. You are as likely to be invited to help design a product concept as buy one when you step into a meeting with some of the industry sponsors we attract. Whether it's a break out product or a raw nerve in the IT Pro industry, this even brings the audience and the presentation team into a are part of the event no matter where you sit.

We'll again explore the newest product platforms and applications and help you differentiate why you need to consider all options to go forward or change directions in order to best optimize your future in the industry. 

Session Format

Since our first year in 2007, our format has remained dialog in various fashions, a conversation among panel members and engaging the audience. The resounding success was echoed back by everyone as "this is the way a conference can excel with communication". By sustaining the interaction, voice and experience of being in the event placing attendees among peers and trusted community leaders. If you missed our first year,  view the entire 2007 conference content for $90, this will give you an idea of the way we took a basic topic and explored every direction on the perimeter to help you see the big picture revealed.

Our session this year will again defer full-session-length Powerpoint slide shows of a typical conference, we'll go for the exceptional value and dynamic of live interaction. We'll again stay with a single track session format for Group Discussion, Panel Debates, and Expert Drill-down. Look for a few more business and product philosphy discussions scattered into the format this year. The workshops will be more in-depth as we can identify real products with real concerns to draw into debate, and well look at various applications and technology concerns beyond the server, beyond the infrastructure.

Our sessions are designed to make you think, to reset your perspective or to prove to you that you may be the innovator in the room. It's all about the best feedback you can get from peers in your industry with the same concerns that you have. We all need to optimize and get better reality of face the concequences of missing the chance of a lifetime. With any economic slowdown always comes the greatest opportunities you can imagine if you can just get lined up to seize the opportunity and run with it.